The Littlest Hobo: A Fanzine by the Ignorant

Andy Hirsch
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Do you know The Littlest Hobo? We sure don't, but we decided to make a fanzine about him anyway! That's right, 11 contributors took a look at that page and thought, "Yeah, I think I know how this goes."

Featuring comics, production notes, a cross-stitch pattern, and an exclusive interview with the star himself by the Littlest Lineup of:

Jon Chad

Andy Hirsch

Natalie Khan

Ken Lowery

Eric Michener

Jon Morris

Leonard Pierce

Karla Pacheco

Kyle Starks

Z. Bill Taylor

Jordan Witt

What's more, all proceeds from digital sales will go to support the Best Friends Animal Society. The book is pay-what-you-want, so there's nothing stopping you from giving, what, $5? $100? What do digital comics cost these days?

And if you want to feel even better about yourself, click through the contributors' names and show them some support for generously donating their time and talent to this zine!

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  • High-res PDF and CBZ included
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The Littlest Hobo: A Fanzine by the Ignorant

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